Account Related

How do I cancel my account or change my account information?
You may cancel or change your account at any time by visiting Zombaio's support center at  http://support.zombaio.com

How much is a membership?
I offer 2 kinds of membership: Recurring and Non-Recurring. Recurring memberships are available as follows

  • $9.95 evert 30 days
  • $24.95 every 90 days (3 Months)

Non-Recurring memberships are as listed below

  • $12.95 for 30 days
  • $44.95 for 180 days (6 Months)
  • $84.95 for 365 days (1 Year)

MissAthenaHollow.com Related

How often do you update?
It really depends on the month. Most months I update at least 4 times a month, others I get in the mood to shoot more, so I update more. There are of course situations that can hinder that (sometimes life just happens), so I only guarantee 3 updates a month, minimum.

What kind of content do you offer?
Videos, Photos, Blog Posts & Anything else I can happen to come up with. I'm contemplating adding in an arcade, as well as contests shortly, so it's always best to keep your eyes and ears open!

Can I request sets/set ideas?
If you are just wanting to see a certain theme on the site, feel free to email me and I'll do what I can to incorporate it as best I can. If you are interested in exclusive content that doesn't appear on MissAthenaHollow.com (Or any other website) you'll need to contact me to arrange details including payment for said content

Can I be in a video/photoset/etc with you?
Sorry, but I will post if I am looking for male or female costars. Unfortunately, the economy has rather tanked us financially in all aspects, so we won't be looking for anyone to join anytime soon due to the fact that I honestly couldn't afford to pay them enough to make it worth their time.

I have a question that doesn't appear on this FAQ. Can I email you?
Of course you can! Email Me anytime, and I will try my damndest to respond asap!